Kamis, 06 Februari 2014

Office Comunication

British English
The subject line is usually placed between the salutation and the body of the letter (with a blank line in between).

Dear Mr. Wilson
Subject: Order No 175/03
With reference to above order,....

American English
In American English, the subject line can also be placed between the recipient's address and the salutation (with a blank line in between).

Subject: Order No 175/03
Dear Mr. Wilson:
With reference to the above order,.....


Ø Anruf entgegennehmen
o   … (company). Good morning.
o   … (company). Good afternoon.
o   … (company). How can I help you?
o   I'm afraid you have dialled the wrong number.
o   Who would you like to speak to?
o   What does it concern, please?
o   Would you mind telling me what you're calling about?
o   Hold the line, I'll put you through.
o   I'll pass you over to … (department).
o   … is speaking on another line.
o   … isn't in (yet).
o   … is away on business.
o   … is on holiday (this week).
o   … is out for lunch.
o   I'm afraid, … is not available at the moment.
o   … will be back any minute.
o   I'm sorry, but the line is engaged.
o   There's no reply.
o   If you hold the line, I'll try again.
o   Would you like to hold?
o   Could you try again later / tomorrow?
o   Can I take a message?
o   Would you like to leave a message for …?
o   If you give me your phone number, … will call you back.
o   Could I have your name, please?
o   Could I help you? / Maybe I can help you?
Ø Anruf tätigen
o   … here. / … speaking. / This is …
o   This is … (company), … (name) speaking.
o   Sorry, I must have dialled the wrong number.
o   Could I speak to …, please?
o   Am I speaking to …?
o   Could you put me through to …, please?
o   It's about …
o   I'm calling about …
o   Could you please tell … I phoned?
o   Could you give … a message, please?
o   Could you ask … to call me back?
o   Do you know when … will be back?
o   Will … be in the office tomorrow?
o   I'll try again later / tomorrow.
o   Maybe you could help me?
Ø Verständndigungsprobleme
o   My English isn't very good.
o   The line is bad.
o   I can hardly hear you.
o   I didn't get that.
o   Could you speak more slowly, please?
o   Could you speak louder, please?
o   Could you repeat that, please?
o   Could you spell that, please?
o   Sorry? / Pardon?